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Manage Your Risks.
Cut Costs.
Improve Your Processes.

We provide solutions to manage your company’s project knowledge and distribute it automatically across the enterprise. The result… you save money, reduce project risks, and deliver on time.


Risk Management

Assessing and managing risk is a critical function in well-managed projects. With LessonBridge you can reduce the likelihood and potential severity of risks.


Issue Management

Issues are a fact of life. LessonBridge helps you lessen their impact and make sure they don’t happen again.


Process Improvement

Accelerate your process improvement initiatives by mining your valuable institutional knowledge in LessonBridge and distributing it across the enterprise.


LessonBridge creates a
structured, disciplined approach…

Capture Knowledge in a Single Integrated Database

  • Upload previous lessons learned from spreadsheets and other sources

  • Document issues and solutions across all departments in a standard template


LessonBridge Ensures Your Data is ACTIONABLE

  • Categorize issues and solutions for ease of search

  • Ensure sound recommendations are provided to the right people at the right time

  • Produce reports measuring the impact of Lessons Learned


Reuse the Knowledge in Future Projects

  • The powerful search tools in LessonBridge help you find previous lessons relevant to your projects

  • Make sure your company’s lessons learned get to the people running projects that need the knowledge

"Great, Easy-to-Use, Cost Effective Tool"

Nicole R.

"Excellent System for Capturing Lessons-Learned"

Randy C.


Here are a few of the companies using LessonBridge to reduce problems and save time and money.

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