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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your Lite version really free?
    Yes, and it has everything you need to make significant improvements to your lessons learned process.
  • Can I upgrade from the Lite version?
    Yes, at any point you can upgrade, and all the lessons you have created will stay.
  • Are there limits on how many lessons learned we can add?
    No, you can add as many lessons learned as you need to.
  • What kind of data can I add to a lesson?
    Lessons learned are entered in a customizable form that allows rich text, links to content outside LessonBridge, images, videos and attachments. Each lesson learned is also categorized with one or more categories and may be associated with the project in which it was identified.
  • What sort of companies use LessonBridge?
    Companies that use LessonBridge are typically those that perform project based work within well defined project management practices as well as those companies that are regulated by industry quality standards like ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.
  • How do you ensure my company data is secure?
    To ensure your data is confidential and secure, we follow industry standard data security protocols and store your data in a secure Microsoft Azure data center.
  • Which people in my company should use LessonBridge?
    Typical users of LessonBridge include: project and program managers, project team members, PMO personnel, managers and functional leads in various engineering disciplines and personnel involved in quality and safety.
  • Can I easily transfer my existing lessons learned into the LessonBridge system?
    Yes, LessonBridge can upload your existing data from Excel, SharePoint and other applications.
  • Can I customize the form to meet my organization's needs?
    Yes, you can customize various elements on the lesson learned form (e.g. categories, field labels, help text).
  • Does LessonBridge generate exportable reports?
    Yes, you can generate reports with your lessons learned data and export them in popular formats like PDF and Excel. You can also produce KPI reports to identify trends and assess usage.
  • Do you provide training for LessonBridge?
    Yes, we offer standard training sessions and we can provide training that is tailored to meet your specific organizational needs.
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