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Capture Your Lessons Learned.
Review for Quality.
Search and Reuse.

Looking for a lessons learned system that will help you achieve lessons learned excellence? Our LessonBridge lessons learned database system provides the solution to capture your lessons learned in a customizable template, search for them and share your lessons learned across the enterprise. The result… you save money, reduce project risks, and deliver on time.

This is the lessons learned template used within the LessonBridge lessons learned database to capture lessons learned during a project.

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LessonBridge lets you easily find and upload relevant lessons learned already existing in your organization, so you can leverage the value of this knowledge on day one.


Ensure knowledge consistency, completeness, and quality using LessonBridge’s automated review process.


Document your lessons learned in a standard template you can customize to meet your needs. Add images, videos, attachments and links if needed. Categorize your lessons learned for ease of searching.


Search for relevant lessons learned to reduce your project risks, resolve issues and improve processes. Push lessons learned from earlier projects to the teams that need to know them today.


If you've been using spreadsheets or some other template to capture lessons learned in your projects and you're interested in a much more effective, centralized database that promotes reuse of the knowledge, LessonBridge is your solution. LessonBridge is useful for a variety of applications:

  • Documenting your lessons learned in a customizable web form template

  • Reviewing your lessons learned for quality and application in similar projects

  • Implementing a lessons learned process using principles from PMI and PRINCE 2

  • Collecting lessons learned as part of your after action reviews or project closeout meetings

  • Improving your processes and implementing quality standards found in ISO 9001 and IATF 16949

  • Facilitating your lessons learned workshops

  • Expanding your project management practices

  • Providing access to lessons learned examples

  • Improving your safety processes with lessons learned

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